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At OBT, we’ve boiled decades of expertise into a multi-faceted strategy that ensures your organization’s safety today and well into tomorrow. At the core of any cybersecurity strategy is the Security Operations Center—the response and recovery in case of a breach. We’re experts at minimizing the impact of any data breach. But we’re even more effective when you engage us to help prevent these breaches in the first place.


Our services focus on four critical areas that today’s cybersecurity landscape demands.


  • Full risk assessments: Cybersecurity assessments evaluate risk factors within the vulnerabilities of a company’s infrastructure and employee training. The assessments construct a report highlighting current IT security and risk. Security assessments are necessary to both reduce the risk of a breach and stay ahead of evolving hacking tactics.

  • Ongoing training and assessments: Training employees to recognize threats is equally as important as utilizing a digital security measure. Companies that educate their employees about security risks can reduce instances of simple human error resulting in breaches, and in turn, safeguard their business against popularly employed phishing threats.

  • Remote working security: From 2014 to 2015, the number of devices utilized by the enterprise increased 72%. A primary reason for this is that companies that employ remote workers are three times more likely to see revenue growth over 10%. However, this accessibility can also make a business more vulnerable to security attacks, those of malicious outsiders as well as accidental exposure by employees—in 2016, one in five companies experienced a breach in their mobile security—which is why it’s crucial to have a comprehensive and up-to-date security system in place. OBT offers Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) which is a virtual infrastructure that moves the desktop (servers, network, data, etc.) into the cloud to be securely accessed by employees and partners whenever and wherever. Local Desktop Management (LDM) is another desktop solution that compiles all network devices and manages them from a central location. By way of DaaS and LDM, your IT team can track devices, oversee and generate security risk reports and update software as needed.

  • Managed internal and external threat protection: The IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index found that 60% of cyberattacks in 2016 originated inside a company, and of those attacks, 75% were of malicious intent. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is on the frontlines fighting against malware attempts via penetration and perimeter testing to highlight and resolve security vulnerabilities. It monitors web application infrastructure and isolates threats to ensure they do not permeate further into the network and cause data loss. Application lock-down and intelligence is a component of OBT’s strategy that protects a system against internal threats by monitoring and managing access levels within a network. Secure 365TM provides direct access to consultation, architect and IT support, backup and retention for email and data, network monitoring and notification and a whole arsenal of deep security measures (advanced anti-virus, anti-malware, threat protection and machine learning).

There’s a definite reason why the CRN Impact Awards named OBT the 2018 category winner of The Most Trusted Systems in Cyber Security. Through the integration of our multi-faceted security service, OBT is able—and proud—to offer a proactive strategy that evolves with the ever-changing needs of today’s cybersecurity landscape.




Ready to ensure your security strategy is the most comprehensive and best equipped to protect you from cybercrime today and well into the future? Contact our security experts today to see how we can help you can safeguard your business. Read on for more information.


Cyber Risk Assessments


Basic Perimeter and Internal Vulnerability Testing

A vulnerability or penetration test, is an evaluation of the security of your IT infrastructure by safely identifying vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities exist in operating systems, applications, improper configurations, or risky end-user behaviour. This assessment is also useful in validating the efficacy of defensive mechanisms, as well as, end-user adherence to security policies.

  • Identify deployed systems and applications.
  • Review open ports and services allowing unsecure connectivity.
  • Identify applications with well known vulnerabilities which require remediation.


Advanced Cyber Penetration Testing and Training Services

When implementing an organisational security policy framework, many companies fail to perform penetration testing in order to discover the real threats and vulnerabilities. Some may perform a quick scan which can reveal a few of the vulnerabilities, but without exploiting them in order to see how far an attacker can go once he puts his mind to it. This service focuses on ensuring the staff and users of the network aren't falling victim to phishing and thereby putting the entire organisation at risk.

  • Understanding system architecture and security requirements.
  • Identification of roles, components and assets in a system.
  • Discovering the activity matrix and potential security rules.
  • Identification and exploitation of risky assets.
  • Simulation of conditions which a threat may be exploited.
  • Recommendations for remediation of identified threats.


Security Assessment Service

Provides security assessment services and reporting to help organisations understand which threats and vulnerabilities may pose risks to their organisation via infrastructure, people, environmental or third-party exposure.

  • Provide a report for executive or board members on current IT security and risk.
  • Review people, process, and infrastructure.
  • Used for annual self-assessment against ASIC, AFS, and other regulatory bodies.


Email & Web


Advanced Threat Protection for Email

By filtering mail content before it even reaches your network and your users, Advanced Threat Security Defence for Email frees up administrative time, bandwidth, the drudgery of end-user filtering. When email threats are getting more sophisticated every day, companies need a solution which can adapt and meet these challenges. The most valuable element of this is the SAN-boxing, that actually executes urls and file, monitors behaviour, and if acceptable, then passes the email on.

  • Enhanced security with spam and phishing detection.
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware screening.
  • Dynamic analysis of URLs and attachments.
  • Policy-enforced encryption and data loss prevention.
  • URL and attachment SAN-boxing.


Advanced Threat Protection for Web

Organisations can do more over the web today than ever before. Today’s web offers a dynamic, real-time user experience. However, the web has also become a more dangerous place, with increasingly sophisticated attacks released every day. Advanced Threat Security Defence for Web is a critical Defence for any organisation to protect against emerging malware threats. With all the security possible to an organisation, the internet browser is the biggest window to exposure, through which malicious content gets through. This service empowers organisations with secure Internet access while greatly reducing risk through an advanced security approach that combines powerful, local intent analysis powered by an industry-leading partner.

  • Best in class complex threat prevention.
  • Comprehensive Inbound and Outbound Protection.
  • Rated number-one antimalware secure web gateway (AV-TEST).
  • Real-time threat intellgence powered by industry leading technology vendors.
  • Website content classification and filtering.
  • Powerful rules based policy engine with user activity reporting.


Identity Management


Identity Services

Simplify access across multiple technologies and infrastructures solutions, including inhouse and cloud applications, remote access, and wireless networks. Retain a single employee identity to access all services for which they need access.

  • Provide a single 'up to date' directory of all employees and business contacts.
  • Store employee names, contract details, photos and email addresses.
  • Integrate with multiple applications, services, and cloud providers.
  • Secure correct access restrictions for both new and leving employees.
  • Provide Single-SignOn / single-password authentication to your users.
  • Audit and log user systems access and activities.


Password Management Services

Ensure the security of your organization and your data, without having to remember 100 different passwords. Provide a seamless password management and authentication service which is user friendly, but can also supports complex corporate requirements such as policy controls, complexity, and auto-change notification.

  • Save and remember passwords in a central secure Vault.
  • Allow users to securely share passwords, and revoke such sharing as required.
  • Ensure password complexity, and that similar passwords are not being used for multiple applications.
  • Access passwords both localy and remotely, based on policies, in a secure manner.


Managed Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication

Never worry about losing a password again. Deliver secure and convenient access for any user, from anywhere, to anything. Companies use two-factor authentication to regain control of a disrupted perimeter with strong, secure access and single sign-on to corporate applications, mobile applications, as well as cloud software providers.

  • Save and remember passwords in a central secure Vault.
  • Allow users to securely share passwords, and revoke such sharing as required.
  • Ensure password complexity, and that similar passwords are not being used for multiple applications.
  • Access passwords both localy and remotely, based on policies, in a secure manner.


Data Protection, Device Security & Monitoring


Comprehensive Antivirus and Anti-Malware Protection

Ensure that the basics are covered, and that users are protected against the ever more sophisticated evolving cyber threat landscape. Do not fall victim or hostage to data breach or 'crypto' virus - enable your employees to work safely and confidently knowing that you have covered and secured all their business devices, both in the office and whilst they are mobile.

  • Protects against Virus', Malware, as well as emerging threats such as Crypto.
  • Real-time antivirus scanning ensures all systems are protected from threats.
  • Guards against buffer-overflow exploits in Microsoft applications.
  • Provides a single centralised management console to deploy and manage policies.
  • Leverages industry leading vendor's Global Threat Intelligence.


Advanced Application Lock-Down and Intelligence

Ensure that only the applications that you authorise are executed on your IT infrastructure. Do not fall victim to 'targeted attacks' or users running unauthorised software. Protect your sensitive customer data from being accessed or stolen by crypto type of malware threats.

  • Profile and permit/deny all system services and applications.
  • Allow only specific pre-authorised applications to run.
  • Avoid costly employee mistakes, where users are tricked into running malware.
  • Insulate your company from Crypto and other complex ransomware threats.


Local & Mobile Device Management Services

Constantly trying to ensure that all devices are updated and protected against the latest threat? Need to quickly roll-out an update to remediate a security issue? Need a report on past and current compliance with IT Security Policies? Local and mobile device management allows a single view to ensure compliance, as well as establish rules, policies and actions for the ever evolving mobile workforce.

  • One stop solution for laptops, PCs and mobile devices.
  • Single view portal to easily identify risks and compliance.
  • Manage deployment of patches and updates simply and easily.
  • Report on risk mitigation and application updates.
  • Encrypt sensitive data on devices, desktops and laptops.


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services

Ensure that your business is safe and protected against the unforseeable. Plan for how you will recover in the event that something happens to your IT infrastructure, applications, or even your corporate office.

  • Business continuity planning and consulting services.
  • Application and data replication and backup/protection.
  • Local and regional resilient datacenter services.
  • Remote access and mobile workforce solutions.


Deep Auditing Services & Activity Logging

Record for compliance purposes, or for historical forensic purposes. Prevent fraud or trace down unauthorised access to applications data and services.

  • Log all user account and service access (both allowed and blocked).
  • Archive all logs and retain for historical records.
  • Assist in the forensic review of logs and employee access patterns.
  • Be compliant with regulatory responsibilities.


Employee Monitoring & Recording Services

Perform background video and image recording of all user desktop activities for compliance and fraud investigation purposes. Videos are archived and stored for historical retrieval purposes. Assistance with employee training and HR policies to also cover awareness if required.

  • Continually record, or interval 'stills' of user activity.
  • Retain historical footage, correlated to users anmes and times.
  • Retrieve user actities for fraud investigation purposes.

Samuel Bednall

"OBT have been a huge help in not only building Dell a hosted platform but also in providing advice and enablement on how to take it to market. Their team have given us confidence with their extensive knowledge of Unified Communications, hosted solutions, and a readiness to share this information with the Dell team."

Samuel Bednall

UC Practice Lead at Dell


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