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SERVE AND PROTECT your business.

Challenges in your business


Phishing scams cost brands and corporations more than $98 billion dollars a year.

Late in 2012 Trend Micro reported that 91% of targeted online attacks involved spear phishing, making this the most favoured type of cyber-attack in recent years, and your worst nightmare, because it is the most difficult attack to protect against.

Your staff are targeted daily with phishing email messages that are designed to steal your company’s information. Cybercriminals do this by using malicious software or stealing sensitive information off of your system.

Regardless of how secure your network is, your users are the weakest link in your network security. Traditional Security Awareness Training just doesn’t adequately address this anymore. You need OBT’s next-generation Cyber Awareness Training.



“It’s all very pain free and seamless, and it gives us peace of mind. We can go home on a Friday evening and know that on Monday morning everything will be up and running. Because we use a private cloud, all our data remains local but we also gain the benefit of having someone on hand 24/7 to answer questions and address issues should they arise.”

Robert Verri

Partner at SP Solutions



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CEO Fraud Prevention Manual | OBT


The CEO Fraud Prevention Manual

A Three-Part Series

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Case Study

Niche Environment 
& Heritage

Niche opted for OBT’s cloud-based “Desktop Anywhere” service, a hosted desktop service that offered access to Windows applications, data storage, licensing, network management and technical support for a fixed monthly fee. Compared to other cloud services, Desktop Anywhere offered Niche a high degree of customisation in its applications. OBT assumed responsibility for keeping Niche’s systems up and running, and allowed Niche staff to concentrate on their particular areas of expertise and productive client work.

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