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Remote and secure access to their work environment and knowledge assets improves billable efficiency and responsiveness. Providing remote access to all office-based services means a more flexible work environment, and greater scope to hire professional and support staff from anywhere in the world.

It becomes possible to facilitate those staff needing to work from home, on a part-time basis, or as contractors to boost targeted capability and capacity during peak seasons.

Ultimately, all professional services firms including legal, accounting, funds management, design, engineering and more, benefit from being able to improve productivity, attract and retain quality staff, and improve cost predictability.

Your professional staff improve their productivity and agility. Work can take place while travelling, in teams, at home after hours, or in the proximity of client facilities.

OBT DaaS - Desktop as a Service

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Case Study

OBT & Eureka Real Assets

Discover how OBT helped Eureka Real Assets to build an activity based workspace with OBT's Communicate Anywhere technologies. The video provides an introduction but a more in-depth case study is also available for download.


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