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Budget conscious business owners are always looking for ways to trim operating costs while keeping up with the latest trends in their industries. Technology powers most businesses, and with innovation progressing so rapidly, business owners simply cannot afford to fall behind.

More than 70% of business' IT budgets are spend on operations and management.

Businesses with traditional on-premises server systems often get bogged down in the cost and time of maintaining and upgrading their ageing infrastructure, not to mention the time spent on ongoing localised management and upgrade of multiple software licenses, security of data, and employee on-boarding and exits.

Our Hosted Cloud solutions can save you time and money, as you will have access to the latest technology and software, robust security systems, along with industry experts partnering with you and supporting you 24/7.

For a flat monthly rate, our team of experts will develop, implement and manage all of your IT requirements, providing you with 24/7 technical support, reduced operating costs, and above all else, peace of mind.

OBT DaaS - Desktop as a Service

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Case Study

OBT & Eureka Real Assets

Discover how OBT helped Eureka Real Assets to build an activity based workspace with OBT's Communicate Anywhere technologies. The video provides an introduction but a more in-depth case study is also available for download.


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