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Advice on Network Infrastructure Security

Doing business in the digital age offers so many opportunities to connect and communicate with your customers. But unfor...

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Posted On 07/18/2018 by OBT

4 IT Security Conversations You Need To Have Right Now

According to a recent study conducted by IBM in association with the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a single bre...

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Posted On 01/04/2017 by OBT

What is Ransomware and How You Can Easily Fight It

You may have dealt with fraud, malware, Cryptolocker, and more. If you're like many businesses, they have posed signific...

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Posted On 10/11/2016 by OBT

6 Reasons You Need A Single Cloud Services Provider

73% of enterprises would prefer to have a single committed cloud partner, either to manage relationships with other chan...

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Posted On 06/18/2016 by OBT

Cloud Strategy - What it is. What it isn't. Why you need one. Now.

Let's face it, choosing between the different types of Cloud Computing can be daunting. But to start somewhere, Accentur...

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Posted On 05/18/2016 by OBT

Swept away by IT concerns? Here’s how to keep things focused on business.

Just about every professional services firm seeks to provide a more mobile and responsive workplace. Continually reducin...

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Posted On 05/18/2016 by OBT

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