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What You Need to Know About the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X

Despite a lukewarm reception for Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the tech giant is captivating the world yet again with its...

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Posted On 10/04/2017 by OBT

The Rise of Human Chipping Hits Small Towns, Major Tech Markets

Would you install a microchip in your hand to forgo digging around for your keys or ID? The majority of employees--more ...

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Posted On 09/20/2017 by OBT

Why You Should Outsource Your Entire I.T Department

About 72% percent of companies outsourced their I.T functions in 2016, and 31% are planning to increase their outsourcin...

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Posted On 08/02/2017 by OBT

How To Bring Down Costs Using Skype For Business

Here’s a quick primer for using Skype for Business to enhance and streamline your workplace.

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Posted On 07/26/2017 by OBT

Why Technology Is Key To Your Business Continuity Plan

Legal and other professional services firms must maintain tight control over sensitive data. That’s why so many companie...

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Posted On 06/12/2017 by OBT

Key Trends In Professional Services Technology

Across industries and global markets, nearly 1 in 3 executives say that the digital transformation is now a matter of su...

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Posted On 06/05/2017 by OBT

The Modern Lawyer Wears Many Hats [Infographic]

Business and people management skills aren’t taught at law school, but they’re essential for running a successful legal ...

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Posted On 04/05/2017 by OBT

4 Hidden IT Costs, And A Powerful, Cost-Cutting Solution

Private Enterprise Solutions were once the go-to option for leading organizations. But enterprise technologies tend to b...

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Posted On 04/03/2017 by OBT

3 Crucial KPIs for Your IT Infrastructure

The digital transformation has ushered in tremendous opportunities for business growth. However, between tightening budg...

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Posted On 03/29/2017 by OBT

5 Reasons Why Travelled Employees Are Better

Chances are you’re looking at a candidate’s resume, experience, education and wanting to understand how he/she thinks to...

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Posted On 03/29/2017 by OBT

How OBT Took Eureka Real Assets Off Desktop Working

In an effort to create an enhanced experience for its customers, Australian real estate fund manager Eureka Real Assets ...

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Posted On 03/22/2017 by OBT

How 5 Organizations Power Business Mobility with Mobile Workspaces

Work is no longer defined by traditional constraints or physical boundaries. The enterprise workforce transcends geograp...

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Posted On 03/20/2017 by OBT

The World's First AI Lawyers. Is This Legal Apocalypse?

Alfred Bester's classic science fiction novel, The Demolished Man, presents a future society where the Mosaic Multiplex ...

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Posted On 03/01/2017 by OBT

What are Advisory Groups and Do CEOs need them?

Volatility has established a new norm of late in this country and around the world. We can probably pinpoint when it sta...

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Posted On 02/23/2017 by OBT

6 Steps to Managing Your Mobile Workforce and Productivity

Enterprises everywhere are welcoming remote workers and the benefits that come with them. A flexible workforce spread ac...

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Posted On 02/20/2017 by OBT

A New Type of Revolution: Samsung Folding Phone

The traditional concept of cellphones was completely shattered when smartphones were introduced. Yes, once upon a time, ...

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Posted On 02/06/2017 by OBT

Microsoft Steps Away From The Chalk Board to Create Quantum Computer

Competition is increasing in the world of quantum computing. Tech giants like IBM and Google are striving to build proto...

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Posted On 01/23/2017 by OBT

Different Types of Artificial Intelligence and the Names to Watch in 2018

  Source: HubSpot

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Posted On 01/17/2017 by OBT

How Quantitative AI Works and Trades Investments Better

The latest level of quantitative trading is now working on the productive use of artificial intelligence, or AI for shor...

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Posted On 01/11/2017 by OBT

Law Firm Funds Research on Ethics of Machine Intelligence

If you turn on a sentient machine and it misbehaves, who is held accountable?  The problem of setting appropriate bounda...

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Posted On 11/28/2016 by OBT

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