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OBT Cloud

Cloud Computing VS Cloud Storage

The cloud is quickly gaining traction as one of the major players on the tech scene, and is expected to become a $236 bi...

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Posted On 07/12/2017 by OBT

Key Trends In Professional Services Technology

Across industries and global markets, nearly 1 in 3 executives say that the digital transformation is now a matter of su...

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Posted On 06/05/2017 by OBT

Undeniable ways to pick the right cloud delivery provider

This is our world. We will have various providers throughout the course of life and business. It’s a multi- service land...

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Posted On 11/02/2016 by OBT

6 Reasons You Need A Single Cloud Services Provider

73% of enterprises would prefer to have a single committed cloud partner, either to manage relationships with other chan...

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Posted On 06/18/2016 by OBT

From Cloud services to VR: Interview with Alok Sharma, Autodesk

This article first appeared on Digit.

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Posted On 06/12/2016 by OBT

Cloud Strategy - What it is. What it isn't. Why you need one. Now.

Let's face it, choosing between the different types of Cloud Computing can be daunting. But to start somewhere, Accentur...

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Posted On 05/18/2016 by OBT

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