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Why you need to create a Complex password that protects (and how to, too!)

Cybercrime in the digital age is rampant. With more online users than ever, cybercrime is on the rise. Between online ba...

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Posted On 07/19/2017 by OBT

Cloud Computing VS Cloud Storage

The cloud is quickly gaining traction as one of the major players on the tech scene, and is expected to become a $236 bi...

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Posted On 07/12/2017 by OBT

3 Cyber Security Trends For 2017

Although the recent ransomware attack on organizations in the U.S., Europe and Asia was less aggressive than this spring...

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Posted On 07/05/2017 by OBT

Why DaaS is One of the ultimate tool s for a Millennial workforce

If you had to describe today’s Millennial workforce in one word, it would undoubtedly be “mobile.” Once considered a man...

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Posted On 07/03/2017 by OBT

Global Cyberattack Preparedness And You

Cyberattacks are becoming more rampant as new technologies emerge on the scene. The costly threat they pose to enterpris...

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Posted On 06/28/2017 by OBT

Phishing: The Leaders Guide To Not Getting Hooked

One of their most common forms of attack is through a “push model” phishing ploy that brings them right into unwary user...

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Posted On 06/21/2017 by OBT

Why Technology Is Key To Your Business Continuity Plan

Legal and other professional services firms must maintain tight control over sensitive data. That’s why so many companie...

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Posted On 06/12/2017 by OBT

Key Trends In Professional Services Technology

Across industries and global markets, nearly 1 in 3 executives say that the digital transformation is now a matter of su...

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Posted On 06/05/2017 by OBT

How DaaS Combats The Security Risks Of Onsite Servers

Start a discussion about the pros and cons of cloud solutions and someone is bound to mention a lack of security.

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Posted On 05/24/2017 by OBT

The Opportunity And Risks Of AI For Financial Industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the world’s tech radar for more than 60 years, but it’s never been more visible...

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Posted On 05/17/2017 by OBT

4 Things You Need to Know About the Global Ransomware Attack

Two days after a massive ransomware attack hit more than 100 countries, the world is still reeling.  Here’s what we know...

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Posted On 05/16/2017 by OBT

3 Key Issues with A Remote Workforce, and How Your Business Can Solve Them

The remote workforce is growing. Last year, nearly 50% of Americans said they spent at least some time working away from...

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Posted On 04/19/2017 by OBT

Overcoming The Demands of The Growing Mobile Workforce

Professional services industries are amidst a technology-fueled transformation. The information age has increased compet...

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Posted On 04/10/2017 by OBT

The Modern Lawyer Wears Many Hats [Infographic]

Business and people management skills aren’t taught at law school, but they’re essential for running a successful legal ...

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Posted On 04/05/2017 by OBT

4 Hidden IT Costs, And A Powerful, Cost-Cutting Solution

Private Enterprise Solutions were once the go-to option for leading organizations. But enterprise technologies tend to b...

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Posted On 04/03/2017 by OBT

3 Crucial KPIs for Your IT Infrastructure

The digital transformation has ushered in tremendous opportunities for business growth. However, between tightening budg...

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Posted On 03/29/2017 by OBT

5 Reasons Why Travelled Employees Are Better

Chances are you’re looking at a candidate’s resume, experience, education and wanting to understand how he/she thinks to...

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Posted On 03/29/2017 by OBT

How OBT Took Eureka Real Assets Off Desktop Working

In an effort to create an enhanced experience for its customers, Australian real estate fund manager Eureka Real Assets ...

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Posted On 03/22/2017 by OBT

How 5 Organizations Power Business Mobility with Mobile Workspaces

Work is no longer defined by traditional constraints or physical boundaries. The enterprise workforce transcends geograp...

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Posted On 03/20/2017 by OBT

The World's First AI Lawyers. Is This Legal Apocalypse?

Alfred Bester's classic science fiction novel, The Demolished Man, presents a future society where the Mosaic Multiplex ...

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Posted On 03/01/2017 by OBT

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