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Optus customers are being targeted in a “sophisticated” phishing email scam

Customers of the global telco are currently being targeted in an illegal phishing email scam and it’s unclear how many h...

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Posted On 08/16/2018 by OBT

Why You Need Active Information Security to Accompany M365

Cybersecurity in today’s competitive market is quickly becoming as much about gaining a competitive advantage as it is a...

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Posted On 08/08/2018 by OBT

What cyber attacks are going for in your business

With 9.32 billion recorded malware attacks in 2017, an 18.4% year-on-year increase since 2016, cyberattacks are quickly ...

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Posted On 08/01/2018 by OBT

How To Get Started With Network Security and 0365

Our world has gone digital—and those few remaining companies still relying on manual methods are increasingly going the ...

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Posted On 07/25/2018 by OBT

Advice on Network Infrastructure Security

Doing business in the digital age offers so many opportunities to connect and communicate with your customers. But unfor...

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Posted On 07/18/2018 by OBT

Costly Mistakes People Make with O365 and Their Cyber Security

The cloud has been trending, and for good reason. Cloud based services, like Storage as a Service (SaaS), provide a powe...

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Posted On 07/04/2018 by OBT

What is activity logging?

Activity logging tracks and records activity throughout a network to document and assess risk. This security method is o...

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Posted On 06/27/2018 by OBT

Will the end of Net Neutrality lead to a slower, more costly internet?

Net Neutrality has been on a lot of minds lately. But as of this week in the U.S., Net Neutrality is no more.

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Posted On 06/20/2018 by OBT

What is local desktop management?

Local Desktop Management is a comprehensive IT solution that enables the management of many devices from a single, centr...

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Posted On 06/13/2018 by OBT

Papua New Guinea takes a stand against violence and fake news

Around the world, social media use has been on the rise. Despite the growing trend of younger users dividing their time ...

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Posted On 06/06/2018 by OBT

What Is Cybersecurity Deep Auditing?

Cybersecurity Deep Auditing is an internal audit of logged activities across a network to ensure security strategies are...

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Posted On 05/30/2018 by OBT

OBT Wins Trusted Systems Impact Award

Cloud solutions. Security innovation. Global telecommunications. All things IoT were trending at the Pipeline Conference...

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Posted On 05/23/2018 by OBT

What is advanced threat protection for web?

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Web is a subscription-based anti-malware solution. It is the first line of defense ...

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Posted On 05/16/2018 by OBT

Facebook continues foray into AI with improved image recognition algorithms

Facebook has never been a stranger to the public eye or the news headlines. Between being the vehicle of choice for the ...

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Posted On 05/09/2018 by OBT

What is employee monitoring?

Employee monitoring is a cybersecurity method that monitors and records employee activity online to safeguard sensitive ...

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Posted On 05/02/2018 by OBT

Ransomware gives way to new malware

 Ransomware is on the decline. The telltale notes that once demanded payment from victims in hope that they’d comply are...

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Posted On 04/25/2018 by OBT

What is application lock-down and intelligence?

Application lock-down and intelligence is a security measure that protects a system against internal threats within a ne...

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Posted On 04/19/2018 by OBT

Cybersecurity costs are on the rise. Here’s what you need to know to secure your infrastructure.

Cybercrime has become a top concern for enterprises and small business around the globe. A number of massive attacks las...

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Posted On 04/11/2018 by OBT

What is Advanced Threat Protection for Email?

 Advanced threat protection (ATP) for email is a cloud-based security service that protects organizations from incoming ...

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Posted On 04/04/2018 by OBT

What is basic perimeter and internal vulnerability testing?

Basic perimeter and internal vulnerability testing looks for loopholes or vulnerabilities in a computer system, applicat...

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Posted On 03/28/2018 by OBT

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