Of DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service), Unified Communications and Cyber Security.

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Professional Services Firms

Did you know most professional services firms that implement DaaS will reduce their total IT cost? Reduce your capital expense and internal infrastructure management costs with managed Desktop as a Service & OBT.

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Communications. Unified.

Realise the potential for your business efficiency with a truly unified communications solution. Implement a simplified communication platform designed with a user focus and reap the rewards.

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Security Anywhere

Your staff are targeted daily with phishing email messages that are designed to steal your company’s money. Cybercriminals do this by installing malicious software or stealing sensitive information off of your system.

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Success for you. Success for us.

Our Customer Stories

Eureka Case Study

Eureka Real Assets

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OBT and Niche Environmen and Heritage

Niche Environment and Heritage

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OBT and The Sisters of Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy

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About Us

OBT was established in 1999 by an IT pioneer. From the very beginning we offered private cloud hosting services, and we’ve been at the forefront of the same industry ever since.

Unlike some other businesses in our field, we haven’t just jumped on the cloud bandwagon. We’ve got a proven track record that has withstood the dot com crash and a global financial crisis, and we continue to thrive as more businesses realise the benefits of cloud computing.

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A Moment of Brilliance


Activity Based Working. Powered by OBT.

Discover how OBT helped Eureka Real Assets to build an activity based workspace with OBT's Communicate Anywhere technologies.

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OBT's Magazine:

See Through The Cloud

See Through The Cloud is an OBT publication bringing you news, technology, and cloud service resources. We provide you with the latest breaking news and video content straight from the cloud services industry.

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If you turn on a sentient machine and it misbehaves, who is held...Read More

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What People Say


“I’m so impressed with what OBT have done with their Dynamic Server Platform. I’ve just come from a breakfast launch by a major global outsourcer of a similar Infrastructure-as-a-Service product. It took them 3 years and millions of dollars to do what OBT have done in a month. You should be very proud of the work your team has done in such a short timeframe.”

Philip Meyer

Technology Specialist, Microsoft Australia

As a long standing service provider, OBT have successfully been delivering cloud services for over twelve years. Your track record of delivering hosting services to customers of years ago using the latest Citrix technology then (WinFrame, MetaFrame, Presentation Server), and to keep migrating and enhancing the customer experience to the latest technologies of today (XenApp), is a testament of your success."

Chris Nixon

Distribution Channel Manager, Citrix Systems Asia Pacific Ltd

"OBT have been a huge help in not only building Dell a hosted platform but also in providing advice and enablement on how to take it to market. Their team have given us confidence with their extensive knowledge of Unified Communications, hosted solutions, and a readiness to share this information with the Dell team."

Samuel Bednall

UC Practice Lead, Dell

"For more than a decade, OBT has been delivering innovative cloud solutions for its customers using Microsoft technologies.  This award also acknowledges the outstanding effort by OBT to deliver compelling customer solutions in a highly competitive market.”

Pip Marlow

Managing Director, Microsoft Australia

"The comfort that I get with OBT is that I know if there are any significant issues they will be working around the clock to get them fixed, their lifeblood is keeping our systems running."

Quentin Shaw

Director, Eureka Funds Management