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Activity Based Working

The concept of Activity Based Working environments versus traditional cubical style working environments has grown more and more popular over the past decade, with business owners reaping the benefits of happier staff, increased productivity, increased staff retention rates, and increased efficiency in work output across the business.

Activity Based Working (ABW) involves creating environments where space is flexibly shared among employees to encourage collaboration. Rather than sitting at an assigned desk or cube, employees in ABW environments are free to choose to work wherever they desire. That could mean using a collaboration space populated by lounges and coffee tables, or working at a standing desk. Depending on the nature of the day’s tasks, the employee may choose to work from home or from a nearby coffee shop.

When designing an effective Activity Based Working environment, business owners must consider the IT implications of this, and design a system that works, is reliable, and is most importantly, able to scale up easily as your business grows. IT Systems need to be flexible in their functionality so as not to hinder any benefits collaborative working provide to increased employee productivity.

OBT’s highly skilled team of IT Solutions Providers are well equipped to design, develop, build and maintain IT solutions to enhance ABW environments. OBT will audit your existing IT Systems, look at your user needs and devices currently used, and develop a new, robust and secure IT solution that will integrate all communications and file management across all devices and all employees in your business, making communication and collaboration seamless.

To discuss how OBT can assist you in developing an Activity Based Working environment to increase productivity in your business, contact one of our solutions consultants today.


“It’s all very pain free and seamless, and it gives us peace of mind. We can go home on a Friday evening and know that on Monday morning everything will be up and running. Because we use a private cloud, all our data remains local but we also gain the benefit of having someone on hand 24/7 to answer questions and address issues should they arise.”

Robert Verri

Partner at SP Solutions



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The CEO Fraud Prevention Manual

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Case Study

Niche Environment 
& Heritage

Niche opted for OBT’s cloud-based “Desktop Anywhere” service, a hosted desktop service that offered access to Windows applications, data storage, licensing, network management and technical support for a fixed monthly fee. Compared to other cloud services, Desktop Anywhere offered Niche a high degree of customisation in its applications. OBT assumed responsibility for keeping Niche’s systems up and running, and allowed Niche staff to concentrate on their particular areas of expertise and productive client work.

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